Hypnotherapy Psychologist

by Paul Northcott PhD

Approachable psychotherapy, hypnotherapy & counselling, helping with matters of personal confidence, depression, and & sex. Understanding, support & expertise to better do & be what you want.

Approachable psychotherapy, hypnotherapy & counselling, helping with matters of personal confidence, depression, & sex. Understanding, support & expertise to better do & be what you want.

Alternative therapy
for the
alternative you

What to do?

Feeling it

Still interested in having help from me? Feeling it - something good - from here? Have considered other helpers (to check that you can't feel it more from elsewhere)? If you've answered 'yes' to these questions, and have learned from this website all you can, then please don't be nervous about making a booking.

How to make a booking is described below.

I sincerely look forward to helping you.


Not feeling it

If you’re not feeling it here from me, then that’s actually good too. For there will be other psychologists / hypnotherapists / counsellors to find whose style better speaks to you. There are many fantastic workers out there. I thank you anyway for considering my words herein, and I hope they've helped – even in the smallest way – to clarify for you the 'voice' of the therapist with whom you feel you’d likely have the best rapport and results.

Sconce attached to wall with downward bright bulb lighting wall - which is writen on with typeface saying 'Emancipate yourself from mental slavery'.

Do it anyway you can

Not sure?

At this point in time you may not know just what to make of Hypnotherapy Psychologist, or know whether you want to proceed with getting help at all. Perhaps carry on thinking about your possible needs and carry on learning about forms of help. You can always reconsider using Hypnotherapy Psychologist in the future. Anyway awesome is that you're this far into considering help with personal change. *

Woman sitting beside, and softly lit by, an ornate outdoor street lamp at night whose upright she holds.

Still here? The light still shines, lest needed

The Booking Process

Have already made arrangements with me? If we've already met or communicated, and we then arranged a booking, you don't need to also make that particular booking on the booking form below. Relatedly, if you've already paid for a booking, then you obviously don't need to pay for it again on the payment form below.

Else please follow these steps:

Step 1. Book Initial Consultation phone call

The Initial Consultation

I'll learn something of you and what you would like help with, and you'll learn something of me and how I may be able to help.

The tone will be welcoming and congenial. The occasion isn't an examination or formal interview.

You won't be put under any pressure to talk of what you don't want to.

This call serves several purposes:

  • You can ask questions.
  • The ice is broken.
  • Opportunity is provided for your view about Hypnotherapy Psychologist to be further informed.
  • Whether Hypnotherapy Psychologist is appropriate for helping you can be gauged.
  • An idea can be had of how much benefit you will get.
  • Obvious non-suitability of us working together can come to light.

The session may or may not be our first and last. I'll indicate if I think I can help you and am happy to subsequently see you. Conversely, I'll be forthcoming with a belief that I can't help you.

I won't ask you to tell me if you think you'll be proceeding to make a Standard Session booking. You can decide at your leisure later.

You'll never be answered or addressed in a way intended to retain you as a client. Even if I thought I could do all but miracles for you, I would only say as much to relay it as something which I believe to be true; not as a act of persuasion.

The call's duration will be up to 15 minutes.

If you'd like to book an Initial Consultation, please use the booking form below. Then use the payment form further down to send the payment. (The booking and payment procedures are separate to allow you some time to easily change your mind about having the session that you have booked.)

I ask that the payment is received within 24 hours of making a booking. I otherwise have to assume that you don't wish to keep the appointment.

You'll receive automatically sent acknolwedgments for the booking and payment. And after you've booked and paid, I'll email you about the coming phone call.

I'll call you at the booked time.

Step 2. Book Standard Session.

The Standard Session

This first Standard Session will not be a jarring contrast to the Initial Consultation. The tone will again be welcoming and friendly. We'll 'pick up where we left things'.

Seemlessly, the help process will have begun. Before you know it the session will be over, and you could well be wishing it was longer.

After it you yourself would say 'there's nothing to be fearful of'. And there isn't; other than, perhaps, fear over making the very change(s) you seek.

Again, you won't be pressured to have further sessions. Though if I think doing so is in your best interest, I'd say so as a matter of belief.

Having had the Initial Consultation, and with us both happy to proceed further, you can book a Standard Session.

We can arrange the booking at the end of the Initial Consultation, or at any later point. You really needn't feel any pressure to do either. I won't ask of your intentions. If you don't wish to book a Standard Session you won't hear further from me (unless you get in touch again).

If you do book a Standard Session, you can pay for it either by bank transfer (I'll provide the details upon the booking) or again by the payment form below. As before, I ask that the payment is received within 24 hours of making a booking, otherwise I must assume you don't wish to keep the arrangement.

You'll receive confirmation of the booking and payment, and instructions - as before - for the coming video (Skype) call.

At the booked time, I'll video-call you. This call's duration will be about 45 minutes.

If you have a particular request, to help you have the video-call, then please ask. Don't worry about what I could think of it. I fully appreciate that at hand is the highly personal, and yet that we'll be comparative strangers. If something - no matter how 'eccentric' - could help you to have the call and be comfortable and at ease, then let's consider it.

For any further Standard Sessions, this process repeats.


Can't attend a booked appointment?

Please just let Hypnotherapy Psychologist know ASAP beforehand. This will be done for you, if an emergency arises for me. If you was a 'no show' because of nervousness, and you explain this to me, I'll help you to overcome your anxiety, if you wish to re-book.

Cancellation Policy: If you are a ‘no show’, or cancel within 24 hours prior to a paid-for appointment, I unfortunately won’t be able to make a refund or carry-over payment to a new appointment. (As I'm sure you'll appreciate, the time dedicated to you will have been lost.) If I cancel within 24 hours prior to a paid-for appointment, you can have - by way of my apology - a full refund and a free session ahead.

Booking form

Please use the button below to open a booking form. You'll be able to choose a time when I'm available to best suit yourself.

If you have any problems making a booking, please use the contact form below to get in touch. (The booking-system doesn't work well on some 'old' mobile phones.)

Table lamp on small bed-side table, casting light from above and below its shade onto a patterened-wallpaper wall behind it, in an otherwise dark room with a bed - of which only the headboard and a striped pillow can be seen.

Bedtime for not doing what you want to do

Payment portal

Use this form to purchase a session. Please select the session you want from the drop-down menu, then select one of the two payment-means buttons and fill-in and submit the form that appears.

The currency is British pounds (GBP).

Discounted sessions are indicated with '(D)' in the menu.

Session type

Thank you!

Alternative payment form

Please use this alternative payment form instead, if:

-The drop-down menu of the above form doesn't display properly on your device.
-You wish to pay an amount that isn't unspecified on the drop-down menu of the above form. This could arise when, for example, you want to pay for more than one session.

With the alternative payment form you type in the reason for the payment and the amount you are paying. You can enter any reason and any amount.

Contact Hypnotherapy Psychologist

Write to me via this contact form, or by email: focusanew@gmail.com

Is this an emergency?

Not a potential client?

I kindly ask for only genuine enquiries from potential clients: those seriously considering having me help them. Unfortunately, I can't provide here a forum for others to learn, discuss, or tell me things. Thank you for abiding by this, which helps the people who need help to get it all the sooner.


Client privacy is of extreme importance. Hypnotherapy Psychologist has never mishandled clients’ personal information or shared it with any person or organisation. Every reasonable precaution is undertaken to maximise its security and confidentiality. Personal information would only be shared in the highly unlikely event of being legally forced to, or if anybody was thought - after thorough consideration - to be at risk of harm.

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