Hypnotherapy Psychologist

by Paul Northcott PhD

Approachable psychotherapy, hypnotherapy & counselling, helping with matters of personal confidence, depression, & sex. Understanding, support & expertise to better do & be what you want.

Approachable psychotherapy, hypnotherapy & counselling, helping with matters of personal confidence, depression, & sex. Understanding, support & expertise to better do & be what you want.

Alternative therapy
for the
alternative you

Behind Hypnotherapy Psychologist

Hypnotherapy Psychologist operates from the town of Penzance, in the county of Cornwall, England. It's run by me, Paul Northcott, a 58 year old male (cisgender, heterosexual). I'm a fully independent psychologist and psychotherapist, and have been formally practicing therapeutic psychology since the mid 1990s.

I consider myself a natural-born psychologist and helper. When I was about 8 I hit upon a way to reliably self-induce a trance via mental activity. Around 9 I discovered how to purposely use verbal suggestion to produce an effect in a person. I first administered hypnosis when I was about 13. By 16 I routinely used hypnosis to help others and had a growing library of books on the subject. Fascination with hypnosis and what it can achieve, and with psychology in general, has never left me and never will.

Informal head and shoulders photograph of Paul Northcott, Hypnotherapy Psychologist owner.

My calling was to pursue these subjects and beneficially use them more widely. I went on to get a BSc(Hons), First Class, in Psychology (specialising in health psychology and neuropsychology, in the final year) and an initial counselling certificate. After graduating I acquired a position as Assistant Psychologist for a Health Authority in North West England, transferred to be a Research Assistant in Neuropsychology in the Department of Psychology at Leicester University, then for several years was at the Department of Health and Social Care at the University of West of England, Bristol. In Bristol I taught psychology to undergraduates and health-care professionals, further studied and trained at counselling and psychotherapy (PGDip level), worked for my psychology PhD (psychotherapy and hypnosis), and began my formal therapeutic practice.

Supporting my interest in helping people with their sexual problems, I hold a Professional Certificate in Psychosexual Therapy from Britain's Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology.

Ornate black metal spiral staircase, in front of tall window and between tall bookshelves.

I take my subjects deeply

I had the very best supervision. My principal doctoral mentor was the accomplished British psychologist Professor Susan Blackmore, prominent international figure in the field of consciousness. I was also under tutelage of Dr Brian Fellows: psychologist and long-serving hypnosis scholar from Portsmouth University.

Within my PhD I conceptualised a model of the functioning of hypnosis and psychotherapeutic practice, which gainfully feed into my hypnotherapy work with clients. I later sought to supplement, by analogue, my understanding of the dynamic processes likely involved, by obtaining a Master's Degree (MSc; Distinction) in Information Systems.

I'm not like the others. As well as being highly qualified, I'm something of a rebel. For every client that may be deterred by this admission, I believe it attracts one that will especially benefit from my services. And I believe the rebel spirit - vision, dedication, intensity, scrutiny, purpose – is marshalled within my work to better help clients.

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You are your 'local authority'


I’ve always taken professional matters seriously. I had this concern even before the proliferation of professional societies in Britain for such as hypnotherapy, counselling, and psychotherapy generally. Early in my practice I researched, presented, and published about professional matters. *

I'm eligible to be a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. I've been a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and the British Society of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis. I'm a Senior Member of ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists).

To ever-better help people, I constantly seek to improve myself as a person and my working knowledge and skills. My most recent formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) subjects include:

  • Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse and Sexual Violence and Abuse (April 2023)
  • Hypnotherapy for Trauma and PTSD (November 2023)
  • Regression (to problem cause) (February 2024)

The intention

With Hypnotherapy Psychologist I wish to bring passionate - beyond 'expert', really - psychological help to people who could benefit from it but, for whatever reason(s), wouldn't otherwise receive it.

This intention is 'from the heart'. For this and other criteria, I find that Hypnotherapy Psychologist is what is referred to as a heart-based business.

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Nobody need feel above or below seeking help here

My guiding principles

  • Advocacy of 'you first'.
  • 'Against all odds'.
  • Belief in everybody’s potential.
  • Enduring opportunity for positive change.
  • Open-mindedness over ‘how’.
  • Every individual is a sovereign entity, deserving respect, with important needs and self-interests.
  • Sceptical enquiry should never be assumed unnecessary and is a positive thing.

I'm not above you

Inherent to a 'helper-helpee' situation is a power differential, with the helper having more notional power than the person who comes to him/her for help. This imbalance cannot be neutralised, even though one wishes it didn't exist. However, this dynamic of the therapy situation never affects my regard for clients. I instinctively see all clients - as for all people - as my equals. I grew-up in, and partook of, the mileu of the late 1970s, with its vociferous youth sub-culture cries for equality and non-discrimination (of any and all kinds). This socialisation ingrained in me the sanctity of other's rights and parity of status. So it is that from the hundreds of manual workers I've helped, to cash-strapped students, to societally-regarded professionals like medical doctors, that I've seen every one of them as a unique and special individual, yet an equal to every other one and to myself.


Perhaps 'authenticity' is an overused term, but - for the record - every aspect of this psychology service is 'authentic'. It's because I care so deeply about helping people psychologically that I break the mould. I have to be true to myself to best help you be true to yourself.

I'm as authentic as it gets.

Supinated forearm with one line of small tattooed blue words saying 'Live Authentically. Be true to you'.

What's the alternative?

The image herein of Hypnotherapy Psychologist could've been more contemporary. But then, with my services correspondingly throttled back, I would be doing you a disservice. And this would be poor basis for helping you, where needed, on your ongoing road to authenticity.

I believe in my capacity to help you to the extent I have a website of this ideosyncratic nature. To instead have had more of a standard therapy website would've been so easy; but it wouldn't have faithfully represented the me you will get.


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What a pile of pebbles
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'Ooh this "freedom poise" is cold'
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The sure shot
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Misty-mountain mystique
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Give it the Zen finger
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The tree treat
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Brain box
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Don't puzzle yourself
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Put your jumpers on
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Pier pressure
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Candle power
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Still here
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A good sit and think
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Hipster still-life
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Contemporary couching
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What a shower
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Just dandy
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Don't leave out the lavender. Very dully dully.
Woman in white shirt with hands to her head, standing in the foreground of hills, backlit by orange light of a setting sun.
'Nits. Too big a "moment-of-me" scene.'

Hypnotherapy Psychologist throws out the rule book. Could up-ending it work for you? Let's find your confidence to flip the table. We'll flip together.

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* E.g. Northcott, P. (1996). Yellow Pages advertisers of hypnotherapy: A survey of beliefs and practice. Contemporary Hypnosis, 13, 120-128.